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About Lizet & Video Links Below


I'm a ATS Certified Instructor, and while ATS is my main focus, I still love and teach many types of belly dance. I started off in Cabaret and was in a troupe for several years. But the first time I saw ATS, I was hooked. I like that it is meant to be a group activity where no one individual is/should be the star.

I've been teaching ATS since 2011 and felt that the level 1 format at the time, was too difficult, so I split the moves into 4 levels instead of 3. I really thought it was important that beginners could learn quicker and start dancing sooner. I really wanted my classes to me more about having fun and my students have learned to play zills faster than I did.

Personally, I'm kind of a Goof Ball and a Nerd who doesn't always take things to seriously. I love trying new things, don't deal with drama very well and am always planning something fun to do.

I started costuming for myself and my students and I'm know for my Turkish Vests all over the country.

Troupe Performances

Fast ATS, Phoenix Club, Anaheim, CA


Slow ATS, Phoenix Club, Anaheim, CA

ATS goes to France, Around the World Hafla

Sword ATS & Tribal Fusion (2:45), American Fusion Belly Dance Showcase

ATS/Sword, Candle Choreography , Market at the Casbah

What is ATS Belly Dance

Carolina Nericcio

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