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I'm a ATS Certified Instructor, and while ATS is my main focus, I still love and teach many types of belly dance. I started off in Cabaret and was in a troupe for several years. But the first time I saw ATS, I was hooked. I like this it is meant to be a group activity where no one individual is/should be the star and I like the more conservative costuming.

I've been teaching ATS since 2011 and felt the level 1 format at the time, was too difficult, so I split the moves into 4 levels instead of 3. I really thought it was important that absolute beginners could learn quicker and start dancing sooner. I really wanted my classes to me more about having fun

Personally, I'm kind of a Goof Ball and a Nerd who doesn't always take things to seriously. I love trying new things, don't deal with drama very well and am always planning something fun to do.

I started costuming for myself and my students and I'm know for my Turkish Vests. There are a lot of people with my costumes in other states now.

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