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Belly Dance Classes, Performances, Costumes

Dancing is great exercise and therapeutic for the body, mind and soul.

My Philosophy is do the moves correctly, dance to the best of your ability, but most of all, have a whole lot of FUN.

ATS is much like a dance language. It combines Ethnic Tribal, Flamenco, Middle Eastern and East Indian dances. The leader gives a cue to let the other dancers know what the next move will be. Dancers who know the cues and moves can dance in harmony with anyone who speaks/dances the same language. While my roots are in ATS, I do combine other moves in as well.

All our our sword moves are based on the same cue/follow concepts because we want sword to be different from ATS. These moves to creep into our performance though.

Veil - Folk - Retro - Cabaret - Candle - Sword - Fan

Next Routine for 2020 is Fan

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